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Executive Memoirs and Corporate Biographies

You started your business at the dining room table with a credit card and a dream.  You became the leader of a struggling enterprise, and through hard work and innovation transformed the company into a thriving enterprise.  Across the country, entrepreneurs and business executives have overcome a myriad of challenges to build successful companies.


What is the key to your success?  What lessons do you want to convey to your children and the next generation of company leaders to ensure profitable growth and remain true to your company's core values?


An executive memoir is a wonderful gift for a departing or retiring CEO. They're also an excellent vehicle to establish thought leadership and convey lessons learned on the frontlines of today's intensely competitive business environment.


Business Histories: A Look at the Past with a Vision for the Future

Successful companies understand the power of legacy for business leaders, employees, customers and other stakeholders.  What are the founding principles of your business?  How has your business evolved over the years in terms of products and services?  What role has your company played in the life of your community?


Creating a compelling narrative of your history, achievements, leadership and community involvement will reinforce and enhance your firm's image and reputation.  It's also  an opportunity to honor company leaders, longtime employees and others integral to the success of your organization.


A business history that reflects on the richness of your firm's past and lays out a bold vision for the future is a powerful way to communicate your company's legacy to customers, employees, partners and the general public.


Business Legacy Profiles

A business legacy profile is a shorter version of a business history - a more affordable option for smaller firms.  It provides an overview of your company history, highlighting achievements, products and services, employees, industry leadership and company vision.  A critical piece in a company's messaging arsenal, a business legacy profile can be used in marketing, public relations and employee recruitment and engagement.

“True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation.”

 -John C. Maxwell, author,

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership