Linda Abbott is a public relations executive, award-winning journalist and author.  In 2014 she launched Never Forget Legacies & Tributes to put her communication skills to work to help individuals, families and businesses share their stories and commemorate milestone events.


An accomplished writer, Abbott has penned hundreds of stories about people and businesses throughout her career.  Her columns and op-ed pieces about global business challenges have been published under the bylines of CEOs in major newspapers and business magazines. A newcomer to fiction writing, she recently published her debut novel, Ten Days in Paradise.


Abbott learned the hard way about preserving memories when her father died of a sudden heart attack in September 2009.  "I spent my life around that kitchen table listening to his stories - he had a fantastic memory and could remember his days in the Air Force like they were yesterday. Yet out of the blue he passed away, and now those stories are gone. I would give anything to get them back."


Throughout her career she has conducted hundreds of interviews with people from all walks of life.  "I love talking to people about their lives - what they've achieved, what they've overcome, the sacrifices they've made for their children - it's always inspiring. I feel truly blessed to do this work."


Before starting Never Forget Legacies & Tributes, Abbott was the principal of Newsmaker Communications LLC, a firm specializing in media relations and corporate communications for small and midsize businesses.  For more than 10 years she provided public relations services to the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), which helps manufacturers adopt strategies to compete globally.


Abbott lives in Middleton, Wisconsin, with her husband Paul.  Favorite pastimes are reading, biking, enjoying nature and spending time with family, especially with their son Charlie, a musician and singer/songwriter based in Nashville.  She has a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University, and is a member of the Association of Personal Historians and the Middleton Chamber of Commerce.

“I really enjoyed the process of revisiting memories from my past. What is truly rewarding is the interest my children and grandchildren have shown in my book. This is probably one of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever given my family.” - a retired nurse and homemaker from Wisconsin.